Dog'on Salon
189 N US HWY 31
Whiteland, IN 46184






About Our Salon and Boarding Facility

Dog’ on Salon opened in 2009, as a vision of love for animals from the owner Shannon Walters. In doing so she surrounded herself with people who share the same love. Dog’ on is a business built from the heart and knowledge that pets are more than just animals. Here we treat all our clients, both four legged and their parents, as we ourselves treat our loved ones. We open our hearts to all breeds. We pride ourselves on giving back to the animal world in any way we can. We offer our services to shelter animals searching for their forever home, we help individuals needing to relocate their loved ones for various reasons, we donate our time as well as food to the shelters and we offer shut-ins the same opportunity to have a clean and healthy pet by picking up and delivering the pet to and from home to Dog’ on Salon. We here at the Dog’ on Salon consider ourselves family and each of our clients, another member of our ever growing family. Thank you for allowing us to pamper your pet.


Service You’ll Love  *Appointments are Recommended*

Our prices vary per breed and service. 

FSG- Full service groom: includes bath, nails, ear cleaning, cut,  bow or bandana and cologne. 


FFP- Face, feet and potty are trimmed. Includes bath, nails, bow or bandana and cologne 


**Anal Glands are expressed for no additional charge upon customer request** 


Puppy Package- For puppies up to 4 months old: includes bath, nails, ear cleaning, and introduction to clippers and scissors. 



Lucky Dog Upgrade: This special offer upgrades your groom to include:


Brushing your dog’s teeth, upgraded shampoo of your choice and a Dog’ on treat bag

Experienced Stylists

Our stylists have many years of experience!  Your pooch will look fantastic when he or she leaves our door,  leaving you care free. 

Dog’on Boutique

Dogon Salon now offers a variety of dog and cat food as well as many knick-knacks for your newly styled canine!